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Haggis Curling, Wow!

Thirty two curlers, twenty four of them in wheelchairs took to the ice in Hamilton on the dreich Monday morning of 28th November.

It was the world’s first ever haggis curling tournament, sponsored by Lanark butchers Damn Delicious. The South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club, and guests the Upper Ward Ladies Curling Club engaged in battle. It was a tournament of skill (and lots of chance) as they aimed across the rink at an eight pound haggis.

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WORLD’S FIRST Haggis Curling Contest…

Advance Press News for Editors, from South Lanarkshire Wheelchair Curling Club

Event Date: 28th November at 1.15pm.

Yes it’s true, the world’s largest wheelchair curling club, based at Hamilton Ice Rink, is to hold the first- ever haggis curling competition. It will be on the 28th November at 1.15pm.

Six teams of wheelchair curlers, and one of ‘able-bodied’ curlers will slide their 44lb granite stones down the ice at a… HUGE HAGGIS supplied by the competition sponsors Damn’d Delicious of Lanark.

No picture editor worth his haggis, neeps, and tatties will wish to miss this unique event…never before played in the hundreds of years of the Scots (and our Colonies) involvement in the Roarin’ Game.

Amongst those playing will be the Great Britain team, the Silver Medalists at this year’s World Wheelchair Curling Championships. But will they be best at Haggis Curling?


South Lanarkshire wheelchair curlers do it sitting down.

Can Camel’s Really Dance?

Article by Arthur J A Bell (Club Chairman), published in Disabled Motorist Magazine (2008)

Each Monday between October and April I fold down my ‘chariot of fire’, and pack it into my trusty Saab 95 Estate. I drive through the hills of Southern Scotland heading for the ice.

“Ice?” you query.

Yes, some thirty miles north, near Glasgow, lies Hamilton with its ice-rink.

“With your one (not good) leg, don’t tell me you’re going skating?”

No, I’m actually off to my wheelchair-curling club.

“But you’ve got to heave 44lb granite stones down a sheet of ice for about 75 feet. How the Hell can you do that from a wheelchair without tipping yourself out?”

I know it sounds as unlikely as ‘Celebrity Camel Dancing’, but it works. I’ll explain how later, as it’s a sport most chair-bound folk can enjoy. Continue reading