SLWCC Club League

Teams are drawn from club members, giving consideration to position in team.

Games will run throughout the season being played during normal club ice times (normally Mondays @ 12.15pm)

Score cards to be completed and signed by skips and passed to Ian Archer.

Teams and Dates of games TBC.

Bell’s Pairs

Section A

  1. R. Lenton & S. Sutherland
  2. G.Rainey & B. Douglas
  3. P. Webster & James Smith
  4. R. McPherson  & D. Telfer
  5. T. Killin A.H &  R. Shanks

Section B

  1. A. Higson & E. Fleming
  2. G. Keith  & C. Taylor
  3. B. Masterton & D. Cowan
  4. I.Donaldson & G. Pocock
  5. J. Sellars & H. Turner

Competiton Rules

  1. Matches to be played over four ends or one hour
  2. Matches will finish at the stated times – If you’re late starting, you eat into your allotted hour
  3. If four ends are not complete after one hour, the end will be scored as it sits at the end of the hour
  4. One more stone may be played to ensure both teams have played an equal number of stones
  5. Two points awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss
  6. Section final placing decided on points, then shots up, then ends
  7. Team named first in match will play yellow & have last stone first end   
  8. If one player fails to attend on time for a match, a substitute may be used but must be from the other section
  9. Only leads can replace leads and skips replace skips.  If no sub is available, a player may play on his/her own
  10. One point will be deducted for each end a team plays without their original pair
  11. If a pair fails to attend on time for a match, one point will be deducted for each 5 minutes late.  After 20 minutes, the match will be forfeited and scored 4-0 on shots and ends
  12. Please note that we have extra ice booked for practice on the hour you are not playing or not taking part in the competition

£5 Entry Fee per person to be paid before first match